This year TBM Solidarity Award contemplates the IPSS

This year TBM Solidarity Award contemplates the IPSS - Centro Social de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, at Castanheira.

Um Scania, uma árvore

TBM - Indicators

TBM Solidarity Award

Because we know how it is important to support and give back to the community, we created the annual TBM Solidarity Award, to help local and regional institutions who display and promote humanitarian values.

Management Prizes and Awards

TBM has been awarded several honours for the quality and performance of their management over the years.

SME Excellence and SME Leader: a IAPMEI initiative in a partnership with banks and Tourism of Portugal, to distinguish a number of SMES with outstanding performances and risk profiles in the universe of Portuguese companies.

SME Excellence: 2009-2010-2011-2012-2013-2014.

SME Leader: 2011-2013-2014.

As of 2015 TBM is classified as a Large Company.

New Telematics TC Trailer Gateway

TBM is installing the new telematics system TC Trailer Gateway, by idem telematics, a German brand of the prestigious BPW Group, in 300 trailers.

This system allows us to analyse the fleet’s EBS data, such as mileage, cargo weight, the state of the brakes, alarms, temperature monitoring, rear door status, tyre pressure and geolocate and monitor all active tractor/trailer combinations at any given moment.

Analysing and processing that information will allow for a fleet optimization, thus providing a better response to our clients’ needs.