Freight services to all of Europe

Acknowledged by its experience providing freight services to all of Europe, TBM has a wide range of services available to the clients.
  • Full Load Transport (room temperature)

TBM gives its clients secure and timely transport to meet their needs.

  • Full Load Transport (controlled temperature)

Using sensors (temperature and doors) in refrigerated trucks, drivers trained in best transport practices of good food and pharmaceutical products, strictly sticking to a food health, safety and hygiene plan, as well as good practices in pharmaceuticals transport products, TBM ensures high-quality service.

  • Distribuition

    Our qualified team and modern fleet allow us to provide our clients with competitive services and prices.

  • Express Transport

    Express transport uses 2 drivers, so as to respect safe driving laws, giving our clients fast, effective, quality and safe service

  • Carriage of Dangerous Goods (ADR)

Meeting all the legal requirements, both by providing our drivers with specific certification as by marking our tractors and trailers in Europe, we always ensure secure transport.

  • Container Transport

Specific solutions for 20, 40 or 50-foot shipping containers.

  • Bulk Cargo Haulage

    We have the capacity to bulk haul any cargo and will provide the best solutions to our clients’ needs.